Sunday, August 30, 2015

#SkipTheClip Fundraiser for the Greg Chew Theatre Scholarship was a huge success!

National Bow Tie Day 2015 was a lot of fun for a great cause.  The #SkipTheClip Fun-draiser for the Greg Chew Theatre Scholarship at Urbana High School combined bow ties, pies, and a lot of selfies (Scroll all the way down for a slideshow).

We raised over $1500 for the Greg Chew Theatre Scholarship!

I have dozens of people to thank, but the person who gets top billing is Molly Delaney, Executive Director of the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation, which manages the Chew Scholarship.  Molly decided to see my bow tie fundraising as a challenge, and raise the stakes!  She created Pies and Ties as a friendly parallel to #SkipTheClip.  She auctioned off 13 of her famously delicious Dutch Apple pies and donated all proceeds to the Chew Scholarship.  Thank you Molly!

This idea would not have been an idea without the encouragement and support of Steve Beckett (UHS Distinguished Alumnus) and Tom Costello, who convinced me to offer a "How to Tie a Bow Tie" class, which became #SkipTheClip 2014.  This year, the two of them bought me the tiger print bow tie from Beau Ties Ltd, which I wore for #SkipTheClip 2015.

Next, I would like to thank my sponsors and donors:

(helped me publicize the event)
 (donated 4 amazing bow ties that will be given away to a few lucky participants)
Steve Beckett
Tom Costello
Amy Owen
Steven Peterson
Christine Cox
Kurt Magoon
Stephanie Cockrell
Stephanie Alvez
Matt Stark
Molly Delaney
(and there are probably others who I have yet to hear about!)

I would also like to thank Steve Holstein and Andy Roberts of WIXY 100.3 and Anna Carrera of WICA for covering and promoting the story on local media.  Link to the WCIA Story: Honoring teacher with Bow Tie Day - Story | ILLINOISHOMEPAGE

Last, and definitely not least, I would like to thank all of the people who participated in #SkipTheClip 2015.  I have made a donation in your name to the Greg Chew Theatre Scholarship.  (I also threw in a little extra, because there were dozens of people wearing bow ties across Urbana who I did not find or did not want to send in a picture.)  Keep scrolling down for a slide show from #SkipTheClip.  Here are as many participants as I can name (in no particular order):

Matt Stark
Kevin Kennedy
Dave Dutton
Stephanie Cockrell
Stephanie Alves
Sarah Tavis
Cara Maurizi
Vashaun Wilson
Spencer Landsman
Crystal Vowels
Tom Costello
Steve Schoemaker
Lucia Maldonado
Terry Napper
Alex Valencic
Jill Quizenberry
Tanissa Tutwiler
Katie Snyder
Shontelle Mapson
Steve Pavlakis
Sarah Loftus
Christopher Fuller
Kurt Magoon
Gene Rebeck
Chuck Geigner
Mr. Murphy
Lawon Exum
Harold Miller
John Dimit
Tom Moone
Ben Barth
Kyle Thompson
Paul Hoffman
Lance Landeck
Alisa Rocha
Neil DeLand

And Students:
Warrensburg Latham Football Team
Mrs. Feller's class at UMS

Click here for a collection of most of the #SkipTheClip Photos from 2015!  Thank you again to everyone who made this event such a huge success!

If I missed your name or your picture, and you would like me to include you in the the credits, please let me know!

Thank you all!